There are very few places in the capital where you go and it becomes your perfect spot. From perfectly brewed coffee to delectable desserts and a really nice meal, Big Fat Sandwich took that spot for me. Located on the road which leads to the Hauz Khas Market, this quaint corner café is not to be missed.

Be it your wish to spend some alone time or go on a coffee date, it is the right place to be. Feel free to take your dog along here as it is one of the few pet-friendly cafes in the city.


Open early, stop by here for brewed coffee from Blue Tokai and relish the choice of Sandwiches at the café. Do not forget to get some goodies packed for the long day ahead from Miam Patisserie.

The first ones to come up with three brands under a roof, Big Fat Sandwich has big fat surprises for you in their menu.

Highly recommended are their The American Sandwich for all cheese lovers out there and Firecracker Sandwich for those who love their food spicy! Do not miss the little tid bits from their menu, Truffle infused Mac and Cheese and Chicken Wings served with a rum infused glaze being on top of the list.

Needless to say, they bake their bread fresh and there is an option for you to choose your own bread.

The juices from To Be Healthy are no doubt a perfect accompaniment with the meals. However, I chose to opt for Freshly made Blended Cold Coffee which pretty much was synonymous to perfect.

The place tends to get really (like REALLY) crowded on weekends, so plan It well!


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