When you crave waffles but your friend craves a nicely made Italian style pasta, that is when World In A Box comes to rescue.  Recently, we happened to order our breakfast from here and we cannot talk enough about their good taste, great packaging and absolutely delightful flavours.

The Eggapeno Sandwich is a must try. It is not your regular egg sandwich with the eggy smell. Boiled eggs have been very carefully chopped and marinated in a mustard mayo dip, giving eggs a very nice makeover. For the vegetarians, Mediterranean Sandwich does the trick. The Pesto Spread and Vegetables makes it a perfect and not to be missed.


Indulge in their one of its kind of summer coolers with Lemongrass Ice Tea and House Special Cold Coffee. These are the right pick for the season. The Pita Hummus proves to be a great snacking option.

Our meals had to be ended on a sweet note with our favourite dessert which is Tiramisu. And I must admit that their version of the coffee based dessert is a win win. (So happy to find a place nearby which delivers absolutely perfect tiramisu)





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