A twist to fruits and veggies – desi V desi

Ever dreamt of having a machine which can minimize each and every product while keeping all its attributes intact?  The professionals at Desi V desi have applied the same logic to our basic fruits and food items and have given us (lazy peeps) the best possible alternative of peeling the fruit or cooking the food. One simply need to unpack to unravel the taste of one’s favourite food or fruit.

These professionals use their magic wand (Solar Energy) and keep the nutritional value intact for all the raw materials used. Their delicacies assure the perfect flavour to please one’s taste buds. Non-fried chunks keep the lip smacking taste and allow mess-free munching.



Spinach Crisps:
Non-Fried, Non-Baked crisps are healthier and tastier way of having vegetables. “Tastiest 14 grams of Spinach one will ever have” is the best description for these crisps.

Pineapple Chunks:
“Pineapple being sliced in front of you and Aroma after unpacking this sachet can be considered as the same thing” is the best possible way to describe this product. (yes, eating a lot of chunks in one go gives the same tongue cuts like eating a lot of slices of normal pineapple gives {Been there, done that} No regrets 😉


I kind of loved the concept of making Vegetables and Fruits fun and convenient to eat and produce it in one of the tastiest way possible.



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