– – – – – – S A N D W I C H & S O N S – – – – – –

If Pizzas are here, why should Burgers be far away! The house of Instapizza has come up with a new venture, Sandwich and Sons! And one thing we are sure of, they are going to be as good and as famous as Instapizza is.

Having not a very elaborate menu of Sandwiches and Burgers, Sandwich and Sons won us over with their Packaging, food and of course, the spicy chips they serve with each order!


This one is a win for the Non-Vegetarians, as the Non-Veg menu is intensive and they have a lot of options to choose from. For the Vegetarians, however, more things can be added on!

We opted for the Aaloo Tik Tok Burger which was an absolute delight and moreover made matching the Gujju Burger. With Roasted Peanuts and Mint Dip, this was a show stealer and a perfect order for those who loves a hint of Indian touch to their food.


The Beirut, Oh Beirut was our pick for the sandwich, which was a decent pick but not the best one. The Falafel used was too dry and we would suggest using a few more dips in order to make the sandwich worth indulging in.


Sandwich and Sons, is at multiple locations and worth trying! We have high expectations, they will come up with more options for the vegetarians.



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