Brewery and a Bar Exchange under one roof – Vapour Bar Exchange

With the rising temperature and heat in the capital, going out is a big question. But when it comes to enjoying brewed beer, we need not think twice. This time, we decided to visit the Vapour Bar Exchange and here is all that we have to say about it!



This newly opened space is in the same place as some of the best breweries in G-town! Spread across two floors, it is spacious and assures you a perfect party scene.




Not only a brewery, Vapour is also a Bar Exchange. Now all you party people, have a great reason to enjoy your evenings here. The prices of drinks fluctuate according to demand and supply and it is fun to choose your drink this way!

Not only this, they have an elaborate menu one would surely enjoy! For the desi Indian food lover in you, one must not miss the Palak Patta Chaat. This one comes with a twist and the presentation is perfect to impress anyone.


The Jerk Chicken Pizza is cheesy, flavorful and just perfect for a pizza lover. It is surely a must try and not to be missed.


Vapour has something for everyone. For the mains, one would like to try the creamy and rich, Dal Makhni along with Lacha Prantha.



So we are saying, whether it is great food or drinks or just service, visit Vapour Bar Exchange and we assure you won’t be disappointed.


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