Towards a healthy life – Wingreens Farm

There is enough that have been said about adapting a healthy lifestyle. But, with today’s innovative food patterns, sticking to a healthy diet seems like a task for most of us. The most we can do there is adding a bit of healthy yet tasty things in our diets. With such a hope, we recently stumbled upon some products from Wingreens Farm and here is our take on it.

ORIGINAL OLIVE OIL HUMMUS: Best goes with their Baked Pita Bread Crisps. This box of traditional hummus was our breakfast for two days and it was one of the finest made packed hummus one would find in the market.


ROSEMARY HUMMUS: A twist to the regular hummus with Rosemary Added. This one proved to be a perfect snack to kill the evening hunger. Apart from these two, One might want to try their best seller Peri Peri Hummus.


PEANUT BUTTER: Creamy and tasty! This was a delight to have. It goes pretty well with breads. As a hunger muncher, we tried their Peanut Butter with Marie Cookies and surprisingly it turned out to be a great muncher.


We also tried their Teas and the teas were flavourful, and smelled divine. I guess, with all the junk we indulge in a cup of green tea really is the need of the hour.


You can find these products at almost all supermarkets. Or you can order them from here.



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