Drink and Dine at The Classroom 😉

Theme based restaurants are the new thing in the city. Gone are the days when people are just looking to dine out, dining is moreover becoming an experience. On our recent visit to Sector 29, we stabbed upon a place named “The Classroom”. Apt to its name, the place was a complete decipher of a classroom.


Spread across two levels with dim lights and a bar called “Ramu kaka ki Canteen” the place took us back to school. Not only the interiors, the notebook version of their menu and the cleverly named dishes did a greater job in taking us back in memory lane.


Club Willington Egg Kejriwal proves to be a good option for a small eat or even late breakfast. It is a dearer version of Sunny Side up and comes with a butter toast bread topped with sautéed cheesy mushrooms and Sunny Side up. Another vegetarian starter we suggest is the Veg Lukhmi, this one comes with a tangy dip and is a perfect munchie with your beer and drinks.


Also a brewery, one ought to try the variety of handcrafted beers at the Classroom. Other recommended drinks include the tangy Back Bencher. This one is a summer favourite Bacardi based drink, mixed with a homemade masala and Sugar Cane Juice. For those who are not fond of Alcohol, we would suggest you to try their Mand Buddhi and Rosy Mam. These refreshing mocktails are sure to give you a much needed break this summer.


For the mains, dig into their Baked Paneer Tikka Masala. It comes with a Laccha Prantha and is the perfect pick. We would suggest you to let the servers know about your spice preferences in advance.


The dessert section has always been our favourite and we would suggest you to end your meals with their summer special Mango Cheesecake. The perfect amalgamation of sweetness with the king of fruits, it is a delicacy to dig in.



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