A few days back, we posted a series of pictures on Instagram showcasing greatartworkk of our favourite origami makers, Artshire. We would now like to share their story in their own words. This piece of article is written by B. Manohar, one of the two faces behind this beautiful heaven of Paper lovers.

ArtShire and its humble beginning is the result of two friends and their mutual love for all things paper. I had the good fortune of having been to Japan when I was very young and with the support of my family developed an interest in folding paper. This became a returning point from other activities throughout school and college and the idea of gifting products made with origami slowly crept in. What began as an alternative to gifting items straight from the market slowly saw many takers and this is when Shreya joined the fray. With her intense love for stationery, paper, handicrafts and all things handmade, she brought to the table new ideas and envisioned a venture which could enable people to purchase various origami models and creations for their own decoration or to gift to loved ones.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-25 at 9.34.21 PM.jpeg
What you see so far is not why ArtShire is unique. Both Shreya and I are students of Management and Chartered Accountancy, and despite our rigorous schedules, we chose to take up this venture. After many rounds of pondering and brainstorming, we finally decided to start with this and since then have received full support! We think it’s an exciting venture because Origami is something not many people take up as an art form in India. After a thorough understanding of the market, we found out that even fewer people do Origami in India as a business! We thought why we could not give beautiful artifacts utility also and thus ArtShire came into existence.

We chose this name meaning ‘a home for art’ because eventually, we will venture into other art forms as well. For some, it may be frustrating to be folding paper the same way again and again, but I find happiness in this process. Everything is handcrafted and made with love. That’s the source of our joy and it inspires us to try something new each day!

As of now, we are only branding our venture online through Instagram and Facebook and we plan to launch it full scale as a venture providing corporate creative solutions, after both of us are done with our studies. We find time in between classes and coaching to do Origami. It’s hard to manage, but when you’re passionate about something, you’re ready to do almost anything to be able to pursue it! Something we get to hear almost every time someone looks at our products is, “it’s an art using paper, how durable will it be? And the packaging, what if it crumbles?”. Our response to all these questions is that we make sure that all our products are coated with a layer of varnish for strengthening the paper and also making it easier to clean, apart from which bubble wrap and cardboard boxes are the only present modes of packaging.
Despite these challenges, we have received immense support from our friends and family and that’s more than what we asked for. There was a time when we were in need of direction and that is when Shubhangi, our mutual best friend paved the way ahead for us with her insights on how better we can brand and sell ourselves. I see a bright future for ArtShire and I know we will make a mark.


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