Lickables and delectable food at AMPM

In the razzle and dazzle of Galleria market,  AMPM outlet with its modern interiors is a crowd snatcher. The ambience of this place left me awestruck, Fine outdoor seating arrangement is very well crafted and indoor seating arrangement with open window panes, live music and an open kitchen and bar keeps you engaged.

Food-o-meter 4.5/5

Their Exotic looking crunchy “Chaat” and deep fried crispy “Fish and chips” were a foodie’s delight.

Their creamy main course, be it “Dal makhani Shots” or “Butter chicken”, were perfectly cooked and had a good blend of flavours.

Their USP being their shakes which they call Lickables. The “Red velvet shake” was a show stealer for me.

“Tiramisu shake” could not live up-to my expectations, it seemed more like a coffee shake.

All the delicacies were very properly cooked and had the pinch of special touch which took the dishes to an another level.

Service: 5/5

We ordered a lot of dishes and as we finished one delicacy, other was served. We didn’t quite get a break to breathe ;), but it was fun.

Kudos to the waiting team!!

Ambiance: 5/5

I would like to repeat, The Ambiance of this place and live music left us awestruck.


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