Don’t eat alone, Take your Pet along

Ever gone out for a meal and felt guilty about leaving your fur ball at home? Ever wished if you could drink and dine with your dog? Well, dreams do come true. We have listed the top places in Delhi NCR where you can take your pet along.


Needless to say, the first café which crosses our minds when it comes to having a day out with your pet is Puppychino. Set amidst the hustle of Shahpur Jat, the café is very nicely planned. Being Delhi’s first one of a kind dog café, Puppychino has a dedicated dog space and a special menu for your doggies. Worry not, if you don’t own a dog, you can just go there and destress yourself with these fur babies. The food here for hoomans as they call it is delectable and reasonably priced as well. One might want to treat their puppies with cupcakes and dog-friendly beer from their menu. Afterall, why should hoomans have all the fun. 😀


Picture Source : Facebook


This beach themed café located in South Delhi is one of its kind. Zone out amongst the serene ambiance with your pet here. Known for its beach-inspired ambiance the place gives one the perfect feels and what is better if you could include your dog in the experience. Although they do not have a pet-friendly menu, but one can surely enjoy their pet date here. The place stays quite crowded, so ask for reservations beforehand.


Picture Source : Facebook 


Literally, A café in the park, Roots is the perfect place to go on any occasion. It is one of my favourite places in G-town. Serving delicious food, Roots is often our breakfast spot. The outside seating area here is pet-friendly. A lot of people come here after their morning and evening walk along with their pets. The place closes early at 08 PM. Be careful not to go on a Monday, as the café stands closed.




Known for its Italian food and pretty ambiance, Diggin is everyones favourite cafe in town. And now even your Pet’s. Not known to many, Diggin is now a pet friendly café. But there is a little catch there, it is just Sundays when you can cozy up with your pets in their garden and feel sorry for people who don’t take their pets along with them everywhere they go.


Picture Source : Facebook 

Also read a detailed article on the link.


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