Chinese is a delicate cuisine. Not many restaurants do it right. Some make their own version of Indo-Chinese, while other go wrong with the spices. A little tough to believe, but we were delivered with the most perfectly cooked Chinese food at our doorsteps.

Happy Hakka, a delivery outlet based out of Delhi NCR is here to satiate all your Chinese food cravings. With perfect packaging and on time delivery, the first impression indeed made us happy.

We ordered a veg and a Non-Veg Dimsum platter which was enough to satisfy a bunch of people. The highlights of both the platters were their Sui Mai, which were lightly spicy and nicely steamed. We also tried the whole wheat Veg Dimsums and the green chilly dip served alongside the wheat dimsums won our hearts.

The Honey Chilly Potato which they call as the Sesame Chilli Potatoes were crispy and flavourful. For the main course, we had the Happy Hot Garlic and Chilli Garlic Chow Mein. The happy hot garlic truly lived up to its name, it was spicy and it made us happy. The chow mein were made with abundance of veggies and minimal oil.

We are surely ordering from Happy Hakka again. You should too.


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