Midnight deliveries in Delhi NCR are mushrooming at a pace never seen before. Gone are the days, when one had to count on to Maggi for killing their hunger after the night ended. From North Indian to fast food, there are a lot of options available for the people to choose from. One such night, we tried Bun Intended and we couldn’t talk enough about their huge juicy burgers in blend with the finest ingredients.

Here are four reasons you should totally order from Bun Intended when the hunger pangs hit you hard next time at night :

THE BASICS DONE RIGHT                                                                                                                               

First things first, Bun Intended won our hearts with their packaging. The Burgers come in sturdy boxes which are filled with Cajun Spiced Fries and are pristinely wrapped. Each box also contains a delicious dip. Not only this, we were left impressed with their on time (late night) delivery.



Burgers so big that you cannot finish them in one go. Bun Intended has the most succulent burgers you will ever have. The burgers come in two size, Large and Extra large. Trust us when we say, finishing the large one is a task (we are foodies saying that) . We tried the Purple Floyd and Jucy Lucy Burger. For a vegetarian heart, Purple Floyd is a good deal.


Create your own burgers

They not only have awesome premade burger combinations, but also a choice to make your own burgers. One can choose their proteins, buns, toppings and craft their burger just as they like.


Shakes and More

We went gaga over their Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake. It was the best someone would serve us after midnight. The cheesy mac and cheese is something you would not like to miss alongside the garlic bread. Not only burgers, they have awesome side kicks as well.



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