Kanshi Ram Chhole Kulche Wala Has Had A Meteoric Rise Because Of His Awesome Stall

The Kanshi Ram Chole Kulche Wala has been making news for being the best kulche chole in Delhi, so we thought why not go and try some?

In A Nutshell

Situated in E block of Naraina, this place is a treasure. It serves one of the best chole kulche in Delhi with the spicy chole and buttery kulchas. And my oh my, they were the spiciest version of chole kulche we’ve ever had. Located in the market, they serve you the kulchas with loads of butter and garlic chutney and to add to the deliciousness, some cottage cheese is sprinkled over them.

Perfect Spot

If you’re planning to go and have some make sure you go there before 4pm, because they mostly run out by then. Also, try to go in your car as there are only 2-3 small tables where you can stand and eat, which is not really comfortable for having this delicious meal.

Raise A Glass To

With the amazing food, you can also have their delectable lassi which will add to the amazing pop of flavours in your mouth.

On The Silver Platter

They prepare the kulcha in front of you so they’re fresh and soft, made just for you. They are super cheap and people from all over Delhi come here and are seen munching on these in their fancy cars.  The chole served with the kulchas have a very good portion size, so you’ll never feel empty.

Bitter Pill

Since they have amazing food, the only drawback is that they don’t have proper seating. It’s a takeaway joint and they have 2-3 tables where you can stand and eat.

Food For Thought

As it is near Pearl Academy and some other colleges, you can always spot college students here. They earlier had a small thela, and have now shifted to a full-blown shop. They’ve been working for more than 50 years so you’re sure to get the best here.

Head to E-195, Naraina Vihar, Naraina, New Delhi

Pay INR 150 for two people (approx.)

Representative Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Credits : Eattreat


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