Happy Fozzying ❤

Eating is a lifelong love affair and as Julia Child rightly said, People who love to eat are always the best people. So, today when people celebrate love, we celebrate our love for food and we tell you the best places to eat in the capital.

Gurgaon is lately full of places to devour good food, with so many places opening in Gurgaon, sure some of them are to be missed by the common man. We recently came across this hidden gem in the city and look what do we have to say about it:

They define themselves as “Gooey. Crunchy. Spicy. Meaty. Cheesy. Fresh. Grilled. Saucy. Steamed. Sweet. Savoury. Hot. Crispy. Baked. Juicy. Hearty” and we couldn’t agree more. Whether in a mood for a luscious Chicken Shammi Kebab or just the classic Lebanese Mezze Platter, Foozy has made us fall in love with them with their finger licking food, neat packaging and variety of options.


What is better than starting a meal with a soup on winters? Their creamy corn and magical mushroom soup maybe. The consistency of the soup was perfect; It was served alongside garlic toast.

Moving to the main course, we tried their Vegetables in Black Bean sauce accompanied by Szechwan Noodles which were just the right start to an elaborate meal for us. The noodles were very well made and the oriental flavors hit the right chord.


For the desi heart, how could we let go of the Lamb Curry with Malabari Parantha? The Lamb curry was amongst the best we have had. The flavors and the spices used indeed made the food stand apart.


Foozy is a delivery-only joint in Gurgaon, delivering all over the city. The food was well delivered on time and it was very well packed, maintaining the quality. They have a well accessible website and you can place your order here.

They have a special discount of 20% for the valentines day. The code to be used: VALENTINE


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