Check Eat Off: Bucket List Of New Eateries & Restaurants Coming In 2017

32016 saw the opening of many restaurants in Delhi NCR. Now that the year has ended, we’re looking forward to all the new ones coming up in the city. We’re telling you the restaurants opening soon that we’re the most excited about.


This dessert place from Mumbai is famous for its decadent brownies. Before they announced that they’re opening stores in the NCR, one had to request people to go to Mumbai to get a boxful of these delicious treats. They’re opening in three locations in NCR as of now.

Where: Connaught Place, DLF Mall Of India, and DLF Cyberhub

Jom Jom Malay

They’re all set to inaugurate on the 1st of January and provided us with a sneak preview of the kind of food they do at the 3rd edition of Asian Hawker’s Market. This restaurant will be serving Malaysian and Bornese food, and also has influences from India, China, and Indonesia, and will open at the newly revamped Ansal Plaza.

Head to Ansal Plaza. Check out more here.

Ashok & Ashok Meat Dhaba

The iconic joint from Sadar Bazaar is finally making its way over to Connaught Place. Their Mutton Curry is so good, queues line up a few hours before they open for business and the dish is over within an hour!

Head to 36, Municipal Market, Outer Circle, Connaught Place

Colonnade CP

All set to wow patrons in 2017, the Collonade will be opening soon with multiple restaurants including Mamagoto, Cafe Delhi Heights, The Beer Cafe and The Permit Room. The place will also be hosting Fat Lulu’s and Punjabi By Nature for now.

The Junction

The Junction is already open with the Potet, the first ever fries-only place in Delhi. They will also be soon opening a pizzeria and sushi bar. The bar is yet to get a license, but be rest assured, you’ll hear about it here first.

Sizzlers Café by Gola

The new venture by the very famous Gola Sizzlers is ready to open at Ansal Plaza with its wonky range of sizzlers in cuisines like North Indian,  Mughlai,  Continental, Asian and more. We already love them too much to miss out on this.

Explore more here.

The Sky High


2Photo Courtesy Of: The Sky High

One of the largest terrace restaurants in Delhi, The Sky High offers a  360-degree view of the city.  With a massive seating space for 130 people, they’ve utilised the terrace so very well.  Right from entering through a passage which brings you to this open air restaurant to the cobbled walkway, Sky High is doing it right.

Explore more here.

Kofuku Japanese


1Photo Courtesy Of: Kofuku Japanese

Mumbai’s much loved and appreciated sushi restaurant is going to be opening soon at Ansal Plaza.  They’ve brought about a revolution in sushi plating and presentation, and we can’t wait to try them out.  They’ve got tempura, teriyaki and other Japanese delights as well.

Explore more here.


Credits : Eattreat


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