Jaipur, a city with cafes which are as vibrant as its palace, its heritage and its aura. With so many cafes opening in the city, being innovative is the need of the hour. Be it in terms of the interiors or the food, there is a cut throat competition when it comes to running a café.

We recently stumbled upon a newly opened café which reminded us of a lot of places in Delhi. The owner of the place took inspiration from various places around the country before opening his own unique place in the pink city.

Spread over two floors, The Socialite offers a decent seating along with amazing food and wine. One can choose to sit at the rooftop to enjoy the city view alongside a beer and hukka.


We were super impressed by their inventive presentation of food and drinks. Of all the things we tried, we recommend you to try their “Bhati Bhaji” and we assure you it would leave you wanting more of it. The Masala Garlic Bread was a very different preparation and its taste would linger for a long time. We absolutely loved their unconventional “square” pizzas which were made to perfection with exotic vegetables.


After a fulfilling meal, we had quite high hopes with their desserts. However, on trying their sizzling brownie we were a little taken aback. We shared the feedback with the team and they took it very positively.


The good part is that the place does not burn a hole in the pocket and promises a good time. So, the next time you are wondering where to head for a good evening, the socialite is the place to be.


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