Isn’t it lovely when you find the best of everything under one roof? From street side Gol-Gappa’s to freshly made Margarita Pizza’s and gooey mud chocolate cake.We were at the Lohri Special lunch at Zodiac and we experienced diversity under a roof. Being a part of Fortune Hotels, Zodiac is one the best places to enjoy a heartily meal.

With neat interiors, spacious seating and a wide spread buffet, Zodiac stands apart from other places in terms of hospitality.

Here are the reasons which made the buffet at Zodiac a happy meal for us :


The buffet spread at Zodiac was enough to make any one happy. From a chaat lover to someone who enjoys his Noodles, the place made sure there is something for everyone. We absolutely loved the Gol Gappa and Dahi Bhalle.



It is always a cherry on the cake when you are treated with good hospitality alongside good food. The servers at Zodiac made sure that we left the place with happy hearts. They were knowledgeable enough to explain us every dish and help us with our needs.



With natural light flowing in, the Interiors were perfect for a buffet lunch with family. Did I mention that they have a very pretty outdoor seating as well? The outdoor seating promises you a perfect date.



If you, like me have a whole space for dessert even after having a satisfying meal, then this place would make you dance with joy. From Gajar ka Halwa and Besan ke Laddu to Opera Pastry and Chocolate Mud Cake, Zodiac has got it right when it comes to desserts. We totally recommend you to try their Mud Cake. *Slurrrps*


At a price of INR 999 + Taxes per head, we think that the buffet is totally worth it. Their dinner buffet costs INR 1499 plus Taxes and we are pretty sure that it would be a similar experience.


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