As an evening descends in Delhi, most people head to Connaught Place. In the midst of the CP’s hustle, lies 38 Barracks with an ambiance of an old colonel’s house.

As you enter, the place will warm you up with dim lights, colonial achievements, a wall full of photo frames and a very rustic appeal. Spread over two floors, 38 barracks is the perfect place to go with your friends and family.


We were invited to taste the special curated menu by Chef Bharat Saxena and we have all good things to say about the place.

Our meals started with Amuse-Bouche which provided us the perfect glimpse into the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine. It was very impressive how the chef took care of us along with Mr. Adesh.


Our menu was completely designed by the chef and sadly, it is not their regular menu. We would surely love to have their Oriental Veg Brutes which was served alongside Tomato Kefasauce again; it was the perfect way to start our meals. Next on the table was their Fungi Quiche which was a Quiche topped with Mushrooms and served with another delish dip. Not to miss, they have really good options for non vegetarians as well. Our favorite was the Nut Crunch Chicken and Chicken Oliviti made to perfection.


38 Barracks is not only a place for you to visit with friends, but it is perfect for family dinners as well. We totally recommend you to try their Dal Ghost and Kashmiri Subj.


The night ended with their Crumble Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream which added another reason for us to visit them soon.


It is surely one of the finest places in the heart of the city. There are reasons why some places appeals to you to this extend. 38 Barracks is surely my happy place to be.



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