Caterspoint for lip smacking food

When a chef and an ex COO of a food joint decides to open up his own food delivery outlet, the results are pretty awesome. Caterspoint is a food delivery outlet in Gurgaon opened with a motto of sharing food. Their leaflet mentions that it is “worth a try” and trust me, it indeed is.

They produce and deliver fresh packaged sandwiches, salads, juices and a lot of innovative food. They promise to bring to its customers the best products from their kitchen and the awesome part is that they deliver all across Gurgaon in 45 mins.

Here are my favorite picks from their menu that are sheer gold:

LOW FAT DAHI BHALLA: Dahi Bhalla in a jar? These people will leave you quite impressed with their flawless packaging, leaving no mark for you to stay unhappy. The yoghurt used in the Dahi bhalla is an in-house preparation and it is very low on fat. Thumbs up for maintain the taste well!

Khatti Mithi Basil Bhelpuri: Homestyle bhelpuri while living away from home? Bliss. Their khatti mithi bhelpuri came with all embellishments a bhelpuri should come with. It had a perfect tangy and spicy twist to it. Must try for that evening snack craving.


Multi-Grain Sandwiches: Pocket sized sandwiches oozing out with their unique ingredients. I have tried four varities of their sandwiches and I have gone gaga for their sandwiches. Must try: Smoky Chicken Jalepenos Sandwich and Veg Paradise Sandwich. Try them once, you will for sure fall in love with them.

Tropical Fruit Salad: How often is that you order a salad and it turns out to be tasty along with          healthy ? Well, order a salad from them and your answer will be always. I tried their Exotic Fruit Combination with sun melon, Washington red apple, Kiwi, Californian grapes, Egyptian orange, imported sweet pineapples, pomegranate, blueberry, cherries, and fresh mint leaves. Topped with candied walnuts and fresh lime & honey dressing and I was awestruck.


Creamy Cheese Chicken Penne: When they say creamy, they really mean creamy. Their creamy cheese pasta is a MUST TRY.  At a super nominal price of INR 248, they have totally won my heart with this pasta.


Cream Cheese Fruit Custard: We all love the fruit custard which our moms make. This custard is with a twist. Cream Cheese Fruit Custard, they are doing an awesome job with innovation. Taste it to know it and I am sure you would agree with me.

These were my favorites from the menu. You need to order once to believe that they are pretty awesome. They will for sure leave you awestruck with their packaging, delivery and prices. Their food is for sure worth a try!



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