Oh! Fudge 🍦🍫

Three friends. A mother’s recipe and a lot of magic created. Oh! Fudge was started by three MICA pass outs and what an amazing job these people are doing!

Currently serving in Delhi NCR and Mumbai, Oh! Fudge gives you the gooiest fudge ever.


To be honest, their fudge took me back to the time when I was in Lonavla. Anyone who has been there, will know what I mean. The fudge they serve there is just so perfect.

We recently got a chance to try Oh! Fudge’s “Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge” and oh man! It was lovely! One cannot just go wrong with this, the chocolate gooeyness along with Hazelnuts. They are a perfect way to eat that toast, or just top it with ice cream or strawberries.


The good news is that they deliver! And they have quite a lot of flavors of Fudge and sizes as well! For a person like me, even a jumbo jar proves to be little! 😉

Looking forward to try the other flavors as well! Specially the chocolate mint one! *Slurps*



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