Crushing over their wafer thin Pizzas.

Paper thin Pizzas and their signature Homemade Ice creams made us walk to the newly opened outlet of Indigo Deli in Cyberhub. In collaboration with the Little Black Book, it was a fun filled launch of Indigo loads of comfort food.


The evening started with their Green apple and melon slush and we knew it was going to be filled with a lot of fun ahead.

Everything from their falafel to mac and cheese balls to quiche would assure that you are hooked to this place.

And we don’t have enough words to describe their wafer thin pizzas. With perfect toppings and a literal paper thin crust, we are still not over their pizzas.


The meal ended on a sweet note. Indigo Deli makes their ice creams in house and one would not like to miss them. Our personal favorites were the baileys ice cream.  Well,  it’s not difficult to understand why this restaurant has such a huge fan following in Mumbai.


Image Courtesy : Little Black Book, Delhi 


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