Lately, Gurgaon is flooded with a lot of delivery options making sure that you do not have to go out to enjoy a hearty meal. Be it a proper restaurant or just a delivery outlet, I guess what makes one stand out is the quality of the food.

I happened to try Dil-e-Nizam a few days back and I must say that I was mesmerized by the amazing dining experience. A home delivery joint serving Hyderabadi cuisine in Gurgaon, Dil-e-nizam is definitely an experience worth trying.


The packaging of the food was very neat, and clearly resonated the hygiene standards. While the food was served piping hot, there was absolutely no reason not to be impressed!

Commencing our meals with the very palatable “Subz Sikhampuri Kebab” and “Chicken 65” we knew it was going to be a good meal indeed. And we were quite right about it. For the main course, Zafarani Paneer is something I would suggest every vegetarian to try. Murg Zafarni was thick, loaded with flavors and goes along perfectly well with their Lasooni Naan.

One surely cannot miss the very authentic and flavorful Keema Biryani.


Priced at very nominal rates, savour authentic Hyderabadi food at the convenience of home delivery. You can order here.


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