Eat healthy with Coldpress Company

With today’s lifestyle, a nine to five job and such a rush to complete everything, it is quite a task to stay healthy and eat healthy.  Also, it is a notion that healthy means tasteless food.


Cold press Company runs on principle that we are what we eat! Based in Gurgaon, Coldpress India promises a simple and effective means of nourishing our bodies. . Today’s generation would not mind spending a hefty amount of money on junk food but would surely mind spending the same on salads and juices.


We recently got to try their super yummy range of Juices, Salads and healthy diet meals and we couldn’t wait to share our experience.

Their Raw, Organic and Fresh cold press juices are for sure a thing to try. At a fair price of INR 110, I happened to try three flavors of their juices and they are healthy as well as yummy. They are apt for the one with the hectic office hours, the ones with the playground pains, the ones with the walking sticks or the ones with the weighing machines.


Have you ever tried a salad in a Jar? Well, that is their way to serve salads and I must say it is quite innovative. With lovely dressings and fresh fruits and vegetables used, their salad is a bit hit! I happened to try their Signature Ceaser Salad and their Summer Fruit Salad and it was stunning how they used a perfect blueberry dressing to go on with their summer fruit salad.


They also have Detox and Subscription plans for weekly and monthly basis, so you need not worry about staying fit.

Along with the salads and juices, they have very interesting diet meal options made with high quality nutrients ensuring a balanced lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Go subscribe for a healthy lifestyle at nominal rates.


2 thoughts on “Eat healthy with Coldpress Company

  1. Sounds very interesting. great prices too. Would love to know more, where can i get this in Gurgaon? Please send me details on Whats app or fb. My mobile number :9810105470.


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