So unlike the name – Farzi Cafe 🍴

They say “Sometimes Food is more than Food” and one couldn’t agree more after visiting Farzi Café.  Owned by the “Prince of Indian Cusine” Zorawar Kalra, Farzi Café will give you a one of a kind experience.


After exhibiting an exceptional performance in Delhi, Farzi Café has shown its forte in Bombay as well. With dimly lit ambience and concrete walls, the café is more of a lounge than a fine dine restaurant.

We kick-started this journey of molecular gastronomy with their signature amuse bouche of deceiving Mishti Doi spheres which is basically how every meal commences at Farzi Café.


Under the Head Chef, Kunal we were assured that our journey was a smooth voyage making sure that all our preferences and allergies are noted and the meal is well crafted accordingly.

Without getting into much detailing about the cocktails we tried, I would recommend you to try their “Farzi Greenapple foamaritini” and the very epic “LIIT” which is a little different from the classic version of the LIIT because of the one additional liquor they use.


At Farzi Café, the dishes mingle with art creating an elite culinary experience. Our food journey embarked with the very different dish called the “DAL CHAWAL ARANCINI”, who thought that a simple dish of Dal and Chawal would be made to this perfection. One has to try it to believe it.



Amongst the other dishes we tried, there was a “Farzi Vada Pav” which one would think would be like the classic version of vada pav which is a big hit in the Mumbai city but this one was so different, here the pav was actually inside the vada making it not so dry and perfect to the taste.


Here at Farzi Café, simple things like Kulchas are also made with innovation. So, If you happen to order Kulchas at Farzi Café, you will be left mesmerized with “Margrita Kulchas” ozzing out with cheese.



We moved on to their main course and tried their Paneer Tikka served along with Laccha Prantha and Ratatouille Bhaji with Maska Pav. As expected, both the dishes were served with innovation.


We ended our meals with their epic Parle-G cheesecake served with Rabri, who thought that a classic biscuit like Parle G would taste SO GOOD.


Overall, a classy experience, Farzi café is the place to be.



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