EatLoveeRepeat ❤

Writing has always been one of my way of letting my heart out. It has been a long time since I thought of having my blog and hey!! Here I go!

With stories of my life, my views on food, recipes and a lot of love, EatLoveeRepeat is how I express myself in form of words.

You may call me a foodie, who not only loves to eat but  to cook as well, a wishful wanderer, having an eye for all things beautiful, obsessed with pretty lights, and sucker for words.


The journey commenced with Instagram and Zomato.  I started writing reviews on Zomato, given my love for food and clicking random pictures and posting them on Instagram. Little did I know that this would be turning into a blog one day?


Here is hoping you guys like my first post. Suggestions are welcomed and I hope to come up with bigger and better blogs each time.

Happy Reading! ❤


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